Transformer Networks for Predictive Group Elevator Control


We propose a Predictive Group Elevator Scheduler by using predictive information of passengers arrivals from a Transformer based destination predictor and a linear regression model that predicts remaining time to destinations. Through extensive empirical evaluation, we find that the savings of Average Waiting Time (AWT) could be as high as above 50% for light arrival streams and around 15% for medium arrival streams in afternoon down-peak traffic regimes. Such results can be obtained after carefully setting the Predicted Probability of Going to Elevator (PPGE) threshold, thus avoiding a majority of false predictions for people heading to the elevator, while achieving as high as 80% of true predictive elevator landings as early as after having seen only 60% of the whole trajectory of a passenger.


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  •  Zhang, J., Tsiligkaridis, A., Taguchi, H., Raghunathan, A., Nikovski, D., "Transformer Networks for Predictive Group Elevator Control", arXiv, August 2022.
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