Projection-Based Anti-Windup for Multivariable Control with Heat Pump Application

    •  Schwerdtner, P., Bortoff, S.A., Danielson, C., Di Cairano, S., "Projection-Based Anti-Windup for Multivariable Control with Heat Pump Application", European Control Conference (ECC), DOI: 10.23919/​ECC.2019.8795876, June 2019, pp. 1281-1287.
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We present an anti-windup method in which the Hanus conditioning technique is combined with a user-designed projection of the reference onto the set of feasible steady-state points. This hybrid approach allows the designer to define a policy for steady-state reference tracking which is used to define the reference projection in the case that one or more control inputs saturate. The projection is computed only when the reference input changes, and is therefore less computationally taxing when compared to a command governor or model predictive control, for some applications. We demonstrate the method with an H infinity loop-shaping controller for a multi-zone heat pump system in simulation.


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