MERL Sabbaticals

Leading MERL employees are invited to take sabbaticals once every six years.

  • Sabbatical leave is an opportunity offered to allow leading employees time to professionally develop their skills, while also fostering enhanced relations with university collaborators. Specific objectives for the employee may include learning a new technical skill, deepening their understanding or mastery of a technical skill, initiating a new relationship with a collaborator in a key strategic area, or working with a collaborator and their students in a specific area. The Sabbatical leave is not meant to provide help in any current MERL project, nor need it be in the employee's current sphere of work.

    The details of the program and how to apply are described in MERL policy "3-2.A.16 Sabbatical Leave". The maximum duration of a sabbatical leave is 3 months. The number of employees who can be granted sabbatical leave in a given fiscal year is limited in order to maintain project commitments and operate within a fixed annual budget. Applications for sabbatical leave can be made at any time.

  • Current and Past Sabbaticals

  •  Kiesuke Kojima, Senior Principal Research Scientist (2019)
    Kiesuke Kojima Picture

    Visiting scholar at: Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of University of California, Santa Barbara

    Research Theme: Collaborating with Prof. Jonathan Klamkin’s team by jointly designing and characterizing photonic integrated circuits, with the fabrication done in the UCSB clean room.