Multipath TCP Over Multi-Hop Heterogeneous Wireless IoT Networks

    •  Guo, J., Parsons, K., Nagai, Y., Sumi, T., Sakaguchi, N., Tsuchida, H., Wang, P., Orlik, P.V., "Multipath TCP Over Multi-Hop Heterogeneous Wireless IoT Networks", IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), June 2024.
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With the advent of 5G and beyond communication technologies, the consumer IoT devices are evolving from cur- rent generation to next generation. Next generation IoT devices can support multiple communication interfaces and perform more functions. Accordingly, IoT network technologies must adapt to the emerging multi-link devices to improve network performance. Multipath TCP (MPTCP) is desired for networks with multi-link devices and has achieved success in computer networks. However, MPTCP has not been well studied for wireless networks. To that end, this paper presents MPTCP techniques for heterogeneous wireless IoT networks consisting of IEEE 802.15.4 nodes and 5G nodes. We propose a path builder, an adaptive congestion controller and an innovative path scheduler. We evaluated our MPTCP techniques under varying network configurations. Compared with conventional MPTCP, the proposed MPTCP can significantly reduce the number of packet transmissions, shorten packet delivery time, improve network throughput and packet delivery rate.


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    •  NEWS    Jianlin Guo delivered a keynote in IEEE ICC 2024 Workshop
      Date: June 13, 2024
      Where: IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)
      MERL Contacts: Jianlin Guo; Philip V. Orlik; Kieran Parsons; Pu (Perry) Wang
      Research Areas: Communications, Machine Learning, Signal Processing
      • Jianlin Guo delivered a keynote titled "Private IoT Networks" in the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2024 Workshop "Industrial Private 5G-and-Beyond Wireless Networks", held in Denver, Colorado from June 9-13. The ICC is one of two IEEE Communications Society’s flagship conferences.

        Abstract: With the advent of private 5G-and-Beyond communication technologies, private IoT networks have been emerging. In private IoT networks, network owners have full control on the network resource management. However, to fully realize private IoT networks, the upper layer technologies need to be developed as well. This keynote presents machine learning based anomaly detection in manufacturing systems, innovative multipath TCP technologies over heterogeneous wireless IoT networks, novel channel resource scheduling in private 5G networks and efficient wireless coexistence of the heterogeneous wireless systems.