TALK    Embedded Vision R&D at Texas Instruments

Date released: October 4, 2013

  •  TALK    Embedded Vision R&D at Texas Instruments
  • Date & Time:

    Friday, October 4, 2013; 12:00 PM

  • Abstract:

    There are growing needs to accelerate computer vision algorithms on embedded processors for wide-ranging equipment including mobile phones, network cameras, robots, and automotive safety systems. In our Vision R&D group, we conduct various projects to understand how the vision requirements can be best addressed on Digital Signal Processors (DSP), where the compute bottlenecks are, and how we should evolve our hardware & software architectures to meet our customers' future needs. Towards this end, we build prototypes wherein we design and optimize embedded software for real-world application performance and robustness. In this talk, I will provide examples of vision problems that we have recently tackled.

  • Speaker:

    Dr. Goksel Dedeoglu
    Texas Instruments

    Dr. Goksel Dedeoglu is the manager of the Embedded Vision R&D team at Texas Instruments' Systems Lab. He and his team design and optimize embedded software for automotive safety, video security, and gesture recognition applications. Goksel holds a Ph.D. in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University where he specialized in Computer Vision. He is also a graduate of the University of Southern California and Istanbul Technical University.

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    Computer Vision