About Us

Company Overview

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) is the US subsidiary of the corporate research and development organization of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. MERL conducts application-motivated basic research and advanced development in: Physical Modeling & Simulation, Signal Processing, Control, Optimization, and Artificial Intelligence. The main body of this report presents our recent research in these areas.

MERL's mission—our assignment from Mitsubishi Electric:

  1. Generating new technology and intellectual property in areas of importance to Mitsubishi Electric.
  2. Impacting Mitsubishi Electric's business significantly: using our technical expertise in partnership with organizations in Mitsubishi Electric to produce new and improved products in Mitsubishi Electric's main areas of business.

MERL's vision—our goal for ourselves:

  1. Being a premiere research laboratory, doing long-term fundamental research that advances the frontiers of technology and makes lasting impacts on the world.
  2. Being the prime source of technology for Mitsubishi Electric in our areas of expertise.

MERL's values—how we operate:

  1. Recruiting the highest-quality researchers and developing them into leaders in their fields, encouraging everyone to be a principal investigator and pursue their passions.
  2. Fostering interdisciplinary teamwork inside MERL with our colleagues at Mitsubishi Electric, and with interns and universities.
  3. Participating in the world research community, publishing our work while maintaining the confidentiality of business information.
  4. Combining nimble bottom-up research direction setting with stable long-term support from our large parent organization.
  5. Enabling researchers to both extend the frontier of science and make real products happen through the large and capable engineering workforce of Mitsubishi Electric.
  6. Providing excellent benefits and a flexible work environment.

This booklet describes current and past research at MERL:
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories—30 Years of Innovation