TALK    [MERL Seminar Series 2022] Dr Mathew Hampshire-Waugh presents talk titled Climate Change and the road to Net-Zero

Date released: November 29, 2022

  •  TALK    [MERL Seminar Series 2022] Dr Mathew Hampshire-Waugh presents talk titled Climate Change and the road to Net-Zero
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  • Date & Time:

    Tuesday, November 29, 2022; 1:00 PM

  • Abstract:

    A seminar based upon the Author’s bestselling book, CLIMATE CHANGE and the road to NET-ZERO. The session shall explore how humanity has broken free from the shackles of poverty, suffering, and war and for the first time in human history grown both population and prosperity. It will also delve into how a single species has reconfigured the natural world, repurposed the Earth’s resources, and begun to re-engineer the climate.

    Using these conflicting narratives, the talk will explore the science, economics, technology, and politics of climate change. Constructing an argument that demonstrates, under many energy transition pathways, solving global warming requires no trade-off between the economy and environment, present and future generations, or rich and poor. Ultimately concluding that a twenty-year transition to a zero-carbon system provides a win-win solution for all on planet Earth.

  • Speaker:

    Mathew Hampshire-Waugh
    Net-Zero Consulting Services LTD

    Dr Mathew Hampshire-Waugh has spent the last ten years working as an equity analyst at global investment bank, Credit Suisse. He resigned his role as director in 2019 to commit to writing on climate change and new energy technology full time. During a decade as an investment banker, Mathew worked with the top executives of many multi-billion-dollar companies and built relationships with many of the world’s largest investment managers. Mathew’s work centred on forecasting technology trends, financial performance, and the intrinsic value of companies involved in markets including renewable energy, electric cars, battery technology, and biofuels - publishing and pitching share price recommendations to the world’s largest institutional investors, hedge funds, and private wealth managers. Prior to his career in the banking industry, Hampshire-Waugh gained his doctorate in materials chemistry from University College London, where he worked on novel coatings and nano-materials for use in energy saving glazing and solar panel design. During his doctorate Mathew registered a patent for an efficiency enhancing coating for solar modules, published numerous scientific papers, and engaged in public speaking, consultancy, and media outreach.

  • MERL Host:

    Ye Wang