TALK  |  Interactive Visual Analysis for Engineering Applications

Date released: October 11, 2012

  •  TALK   Interactive Visual Analysis for Engineering Applications
  • Date & Time:

    Thursday, October 11, 2012; 12:00 PM

  • Abstract:

    Increasing complexity and a large number of control parameters make the design and understanding of modern engineering systems impossible without simulation today. Advances in simulation technology and ability to run multiple simulations with different sets of parameters poses new challenges for analysis techniques. In this talk we will present our experiences in exploration and analysis of simulation ensembles realized in several projects with experts from automotive, meteorology, and medical domains. We tightly integrate simulation, numerical optimization, and interactive visual analysis in a unified framework. Our new data model supports families of curves and families of surfaces. Accompanying interactive visual analysis techniques offer new possibilities for data exploration and analysis. It is possible to start with a simple analysis, to continue with identifying hidden features, and finally to explore very complex dependencies using advanced interaction and on-the-fly data derivation and aggregation. All proposed techniques will be illustrated using a coordinated multiple views system and real-life data from various projects with scientists and engineers, including the optimization of an automotive rail injection system.

  • Speaker:

    Kresimir Matkovic
    VRVis Research Center, Vienna

    Dr. Kresimir Matkovic is a senior researcher and head of Interactive Visualization group at VRVis Research Center in Vienna, Austria. He received his PhD from Vienna University of Technology in 1998 and his M.S. from the University of Zagreb in 1994. His work bridges the gap between Information and Scientific Visualization, with a special focus on Interactive Visual Analysis for engineering applications. Since 2007, Kresimir Matkovic has also been an assistant professor ("ocent") at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, where he teaches Virtual Environments. Since 2010 he also teaches Information Visualization at Vienna University of Technology. He is a member of IEEE Computer Society, ACM, and Eurographics..