TALK    Research and Development in JSK Robotics Lab, Univ. of Tokyo

Date released: March 8, 2012

  •  TALK    Research and Development in JSK Robotics Lab, Univ. of Tokyo
  • Date & Time:

    Thursday, March 8, 2012; 9:30 AM

  • Abstract:

    This talk introduces a history and ongoing activities of the research and development in JSK Robotics Lab, The University of Tokyo including hand-eye coordination in rope handling, correlation-based tracking vision, vision-based robotics, wireless remote-brained approach, whole-body behaviors on humanoids, tactile deformable devices for robot sensor suit, musculoskeletal spined humanoids, power systems for human speed and torque perfomance, learning and assistive activities on HRP2 (Japanese Humanoid Robot Project Platform) and PR2 (Willow Garages's Personal Robot Platform for Open Source Robot Operating System:ROS), common software architecture in all JSK robots, and their mother environment for inherited research and development in JSK.

  • Speaker:

    Prof. Masayuki Inaba
    Professor, Director of JSK Robotics Lab
    Department of Creative Informatics
    Department of Mechano-Informatics
    Graduate School of Information Technology and Science
    The University of Tokyo

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